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We’ve helped 192 successful business owners, hard working professionals, and loving parents design the future and finally put their Estate Plan behind them.

Here are just a few of their stories:

Estate Planning for Executives

Beatrice Dixon is the co-founder of The Honey Pot Company. She wanted to curate her life, and part of that meant thinking about the future. Some of her friends had done an Estate Plan after they accumulated their wealth and it was a lot more expensive, so she contacted us for help to get it done early. After creating her plan, she said “I feel extremely comfortable and happy, and I’m extremely grateful for you for helping design what all this looks like.

Estate Planning on Vacation

Kittie and Gary Barth needed to update their Estate Plan after 15-years. They were on vacation at the time, but Kittie it was so easy she would have “had a harder time ordering a Big Mac and fries than this process. I could cry. I can’t tell you how easy, how comfortable, and you just made it so simple and easy it’s a dream come true.