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We are a legacy planning law firm for individuals and families. We help families build and protect their lives and legacies in this life and after through proactive and holistic estate planning strategies.

Explaining to you how we’re different requires an explanation of what the “traditional” experience with a lawyer is like. If you’ve worked with a lawyer in the past, this will sound familiar.

During the traditional experience, you’ll go in and meet with a lawyer who will often make things seem very complicated and confusing. You’ll have a good idea that the lawyer is smart and seems to know what she’s doing, so you’ll nod and answerquestions, as if you understand everything. Because you want to do the right thing

for your family, you’ll have the lawyer prepare document for you and you’ll sign the documents, feeling relieved that you’ve got that taken care of.

You’ll take your fancy document home, stick it on a shelf or in a drawer, mark it off on your checklist as DONE and never think about it again.

You might remember your lawyer said something about moving your bank accounts into the trust so you’ll go to the bank, forget what you were supposed to do, call your lawyer’s office, get a voicemail, have to leave the bank and wait for a call back, (which takes several hours at least and sometimes days) and by that time, you’ll have gotten busy with other things and never get around to moving that bank account. A few weeks later, you’ll get a bill in the mail for $67.50 for 15 minutes of your lawyer’s time for answering a couple of questions. You’ll make a mental note – don’t call lawyer ever again.

We don’t operate that way. We’re here for you. We’ll help you structure a solid foundation to build your life and business. You’ll receive legal counsel from an experienced entrepreneur and legal team who hears you, supports you, and provides correct and aligned strategic guidance for your specific situation whether you’re at the pre-startup, setting up a trust, figuring out an exit, or somewhere in between.

As a Georgia law firm, The Saunders Firm operates both virtually (via online video meetings, telephone, and secure portal for our clients) and in person so you can meet and connect with ease from the comfort of your home or our office.

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