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We Protect Truck Company Owners and Drivers from Lawsuits and Bankruptcy

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Your Business is Our Business

Are you concerned about:

  • Ensuring you have the proper agreements in place with your investors, partners, employees and contractors?
  • Finding the right accident representation for your business?
  • Finding representation for cargo claims?
  • Shielding your personal assets from any business claims or lawsuits?
  • Avoiding bankruptcy?

We can help! The trucking industry has unique challenges that must be confronted by unique, tailor-made solutions.  We make it our business to know your business–especially your way of doing business.  We strive to achieve our clients’ business objectives creatively and efficiently so that they can focus on getting and staying on the road.

Schedule a 1-hour strategy session with us below to discuss your personal and business needs.  We will help you craft a plan to make your trucking company bulletproof and ensure safety, profitability, and growth for years to come.

Our Testimonials

I loved working with Amber! She made this entire process super easy and not stressful. I'm pregnant with my first child and the father and I are no longer together. I wanted to ensure my child and estate were taken care of before her birth. I'm a planner 🙂 I don't want anything to happen to me and not have plans for my baby and her father take her. Amber was wonderful, she answered all my questions and I found her to be very affordable. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Meredith Koehler

Amber has handled several disputes and complaints for me personally and for my company. She won the one case that did go to trial and has given very valuable legal advise throughout the many years that I have known her. She is currently handling a litigation case for me and is doing a great job. I trust her ability to think outside of the box and get results

Eddie Drake

Amber has been very instrumental in helping our business get all of it’s affairs in order. From the official filing of our company’s “Articles of Organization”, to linking us with various parts of her network to help grow our business. Amber has definitely went above and beyond. We can’t Thank You enough Amber!!!

Ant D

Amber's willingness to support with preparation of legal documentation helped a family member get things moving in the right direction. While she's accustomed to more heavy lifting like 'making trust fund babies' and closing rapid real estate transactions, she didn't hesitate to assist when we asked and we appreciate her tremendously - Thank you Amber!

Louis Murphy

Amber has been an amazing asset to the team. She is knowledgable, patient and was willing to move at our pace. Additionally, if there were things along the process of drafting our documents that we did not know, Amber was transparent with what she need to research and came back swiftly with a response. She is amazing. We are glad to have her on the team

Quiana Shamsid-Deen

We’ve been working with The Saunders Firm for several years now. Amber is amazing and extremely passionate about her work. More recently, we started estate planning and Krissi is also amazing and thorough with her communication. Everyone is extremely professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend The Saunders Firm! Thank you for taking care of our family and business affairs!

Natina Marie