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At its most basic, a contract is a promise between two parties that each will do what they say they will do. This could be that you promise to pay if the other party provides a particular good or service. This could be you promising to pay for use of car. This could be an agreement with a designer that says you will pay money for the designer to create your logo and the designer agrees to create your logo and assign all rights in the work to you. Contracts can take many forms.

While the premise is simple, there are many additional terms that come into play. When will the goods be provided? What if one party is not satisfied? Does the offending party have the opportunity to cure the defect? Often, parties wait until there is a dispute before they reach out to an attorney. Yet, if the contract is drafted well, you can avoid disputes altogether. In this context, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you are looking for assistance with drafting or negotiation, we can help. Our contracts are designed to avoid disputes and preserve relationships, even when things go south. Give us a call to set up a business strategy session.