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Your power of attorney has the specific powers that you outline in the document.

You can give a limited power of attorney. For example, if you needed to sell a house and you couldn’t be there physically because you’re out of the country, but the closing must go on. You can say I sign this power of attorney allowing my mother to sign for me for the purchase of this house and that’s the only thing she has the power to do. She your power of attorney and her power is specific to that particular thing.

You can have a general power of attorney that provides broader powers. It doesn’t mean they can do any and everything for you but you can give them power of attorney over real estate over banking so if you need to if you’re incapacitated you can have them take care of your financial affairs or whatever affairs you outline.

Depending on the state you’re in some will go into effect immediately if you sign it or you can have it be effective only when you’re incapacitated, meaning when you cannot speak or do things on your own or for yourself if you don’t have the capacity to do that then that power of attorney that individual can act as your agent and act on your behalf based on what you put in the power of attorney that what they’re allowed to do.

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