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What is a heath care agent?

They are called different things, from a healthcare proxy to a healthcare power of attorney. However, all of them essentially mean the same thing.

Who is the person who can communicate on your behalf regarding your body, regarding your health care decisions and health care period!

If you are unable to speak for yourself and tell the doctors or tell anyone else what you want. This person does not have authority to override what you say, they can only carry out what you’ve outlined in the document or make health care decisions for you.

So, it should be someone who you trust generally it might It’ll be a spouse. Right, so if you’re married your spouse is going to be the person who I say so but if you’re not or if your spouse is unavailable then you would want someone else to be designated as that agent also on the health care document it generally will give you the option to say do not resuscitate, I want to be buried or cremated, I don’t want to be on life support beyond this amount of time.

Your health care agent won’t be able to override what your wishes are on this document. It makes things a lot easier because people already know or it’s outlined what you want.

The best example I have of this situation is many many years ago if you go google Terry Schaivo.

Terry was married. Generally, her husband would be her designee automatically. However, she didn’t have a healthcare directive that said what she would want to happen to her. She had an episode at home and when she went to the hospital. There were allegations of malpractice at some point. However, she eventually had no brain activity.

Her husband said that he did not believe she would want to be on life support for the rest of her life and wanted remove her from life support.

Her parents believed in miracles and did not want her removed from life support.

A court battle ensued, for years.

Finally a court intervened saying that the husband had final decision making authority and Terry was taken off of life support.

All of this could have been avoided with a health care directive, which would have clearly stated what Terry’s wishes were and who her designated agent would be.

With a directive, you will be able to tell people whether or not you’d want artificial means, if you want to be fed through tubes. All of those things you outline so there’s nothing for anyone to fight about that document is going to govern and that person who you designate will also be able to make whatever decisions necessary.

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