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Sammy Naoulo, Esq.


Areas of Practice:

Sammy Naoulo is Partner at Naoulo & Saunders, an Estate planning law firm that directly services our client’s estate and business needs. Sammy Naoulo is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a bachelor’s in Business Development and John Marshall Law School.


Sammy Naoulo spent a great deal of his early life traveling and gaining a great deal of cultural knowledge. He went on to work with his father to develop International Business Technologies before attending law school. After Graduation, Sammy developed a keen interest in both Business Law to further assist the family company, and estate planning, due to several encounters and personal experiences of the importance of estate planning.


Sammy Naoulo has served as both corporate attorney for several companies in the Atlanta area and has assisted many small businesses to develop their practices. His focus on estate planning has been a key prevalence to his clients.


As Partner, Sammy is focused on driving Naoulo Law Firm to reach many Atlanta and Georgia natives and inform them of the importance of estate planning through educational materials and his own personal experiences, while further assisting business owners through the same.